“The Kids Are All Right” Just a Thrust Or Two Shy of Being Rated X

Considering the frequency with which Mark Ruffalo and Julianne Moore have appeared nude on the silver screen, it was only a matter of time before they made on-screen hay together. And wouldn't you know it, that tryst very nearly earned "The Kids Are All Right" an X rating.

Ruffalo was recently in New York to promote his new film, "The Kids Are All Right," about a man who gets contacted by a pair of teen-aged siblings for whom he donated the sperm so many years ago to a lesbian couple, played by Moore and Annette Bening.

Asked if there was anything cut from the film that we might see on the DVD, Ruffalo smiled.

"I do know that the ratings board was giving us an X rating for one too many thrusts in the sex scenes, so you might see that whole thing (on the DVD). I don't understand -- what's the difference between like eight thrusts and six thrusts? But that was literally what it came down to," he explained.

Reminded that he had a similar issue with his film "In the Cut," co-starring Meg Ryan and helmed by Jane Campion, Ruffalo was asked if he considered himself the "go-to bohunk" for lesbian directors.

"Jane's straight -- Jane's totally straight," said a confused Ruffalo.

Pressed on the issue, Ruffalo could only laugh.

"Yeah, she like 'a-teenage-girl' straight. Yeah, she's real straight," Ruffalo assured the room.

But seeing that the position of "go-to bohunk" was his for the taking, he made a grab for it.

"Hey, man, bring it on. My market share, if that opens up -- I'll be the bohunk for the lesbians -- I'm half lesbian myself. I definitely have done my share of... if you're talking about nudity and sex stuff, I've overplayed that hand, and I really look at myself and I'm cringing, trying to keep my hands over my wife's eyes and thinking, 'You know, I can't get away with this much longer.' It just happens that really great parts happen to have to get naked. And that's when they open up to me, because no other guy in Hollywood will do it."

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