New “Enchanted” Will Need Amy Adams To Keep the Magic

The surprise isn't that "Enchanted" will return to theaters with a sequel, but that it took so long after the 2007 hit for Part II to take shape.

Variety reports that Disney has hired Jessie Nelson to pen the script and "The Proposal's" Anne Fletcher to direct on the next installment on the bigscreen.

The 2007 effort starred a luminous Amy Adams and a hilarious James Marsden as fairy tale characters landing smack into real-life Manhattan. It earned more than $340 million worldwide and was the major breakout film for Adams.

Variety reports that producers Barry Josephson and Barry Sonnenfield will seek to bring back the original cast which includes Patrick Dempsey and Susan Sarandon. It's really all about Adams whose looks and true innocence truly gave life to the role of Giselle. And frankly you need Dempsey, however stiff he was in the role of boyfriend, because this princess is not one who finds a new prince in every installment. True love and all that.

Adams has long endured questions about a sequel and wondered aloud where the next film would go for her fairy tale princess. "The first film was discovering who she is, so we've seen that. I'd be curious to see what's next," she told MTV.

The film could hit theaters as early as next year


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