The Nighttime Zip Line

Catalina Island has a new way to fly by the moon.


MOONLIGHT FLIGHT: Zip lines? They're adventurous, all right. They cater to those who want to leave the ground and move fast. But we can all agree that, for the most part, zip lines run between a Point A and a Point B. Meaning? If you want to mix things up, you do things like send Santa Claus out on the line and you introduce nighttime zip-lining.

Now, a nocturnal, oh-so-speedy flight would be exciting just about wherever the line happens to be located, but picture being on Catalina Island, not too far from the water, within barking call of the local seals. That's pretty Shangri-La, right? We think so. We'd also aim for a full-moon night, but we can't be alone in that thinking. Zip-lining after dark opens on Friday, Dec. 16. For other adventuresome island to-dos -- hi, rock-climbing wall and undersea tour -- check it all out at the main site.

Here's a peek at Kris Kringle in flight from 2010. It also gives a good view of the line's location by day.

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