“The Sims Social” Challenges Zynga for Facebook Dominance


Electronic Arts announced that it will be launching a version of its hit game, "The Sims" for Facebook -- a move that could challenge Zynga's social gaming dominance.

"The Sims," a game that has sold 140 million copies worldwide, focuses on a virtual world with players controlling several Sims, or simulated people, as they grow up, date, marry, expand their career, have families and eventually die. The announcement of "The Sims Social," a game specifically for Facebook play, at the E3 2011 caused a frisson of excitement in the gaming community, the Atlantic reported.

So far the Facebook page for "Sims Social" has more than 84,000 fans, which isn't bad for a game just announced on Monday. Its hundreds of comments range from "Can't wait!" to "I love to play that! I wish I could play now!"

So has a game come to Facebook that could actually challenge Zynga's chokehold on social gaming? Could it defeat "CityVille" and "FarmVille"?

Virtual reality games like "FarmVille" exist because of EA's "The Sims," a game that few thought would be a hit because it follows simulated people doing everyday activities. Zynga's "FarmVille" took the mundane to a new cartoonish level -- and let's face it, it's not as if the games are visually stunning or have compelling story lines. They're all basically a flimsy narrative to get users to buy virtual goods.

We can't help but think that if "Sims Social" has the engaging qualities of the original game, Zynga should definitely be scared.

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