The Super Skunk: It’s Back in May

The beloved steam engine'll roll again out of Fort Bragg.

The Skunk Train

THE PERFECT THEME SONG: Clearly if your name is Super Skunk, and you've got a lot of history woven through your personal tale, and you are quite picturesque, and you've encountered thousands of train-loving fans over the years, you need some sort of rousing, feel-good, hum-it-down-the-tracks theme song. But, when you think about it, the famous steam engine — No. 45, to be fully specific — already boasts its own ditty, and it involves the wind blowing through the redwoods near the winding Mendocino County rails, and the sweet bird calls, and gentle gurgle of nearby streams and rivers. If you long to hear this theme song in person, and to see the No. 45 engine toot-tootin' again, hitch up your wagon and trot for Fort Bragg over Memorial Day Weekend. That's when...

THE SUPER SKUNK... will make its picturesque return to the tale-laden, through-the-woods, gently twisty rail line. If you were wondering where the giant engine might have gone in recent days, it took some time away from chug-chuggin' along for "a mandatory inspection and rebuild that happens every 15 years." Call it a little R&R for the hard-working steamer, then. And call it successful: After bidding The Skunk Train line-up farewell in the autumn of 2016, The Super Skunk'll be back, at the front of the cars, some four to five days a week beginning in late May (that's "depending on season," but you likely figured as much). If old-school train lines (the 131-year-old Skunkie qualifies), bridges galore, tall trees, and beasties from deer to ducks float your boat (or run your engine), make a summertime date with one of the majestic symbols of Mendocino County.

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