The Unremarkable Kitchens of Celebrity Chefs in NYC

Suzanne DeChillo/New York Times

If you've ever searched for apartments, you know that the term "chef's kitchen" is used loosely. But for a few city-sized kitchens, those that actually belong to real chefs, it can't even be said at all. The New York Times has a photo of super-chef Anita Lo, the owner and chef of the critically-beloved restaurant Annisa, and a contestant of Top Chef Masters, in her small and mediocre home kitchen, which she says contains "booze, water and condiments." To be fair, Lo does have a lavish kitchen somewhere, at her weekend home in Long Island. Her kitchen explanation is similar to Tom Colicchio's, who also has a no-frills fridge in the city, but a fierce kitchen situation in the North Fork.

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