The Woz Loves His Windows Phone

Jeff Siena

Steve Wozniak carries around four mobile phones -- two iPhone 4Ss, a DROID RAZR and a Nokia Lumia which runs Windows 7.5.

When asked which is his current favorite, Wozniak said that it was the Lumia because it was fast and reliable, according to tech blog A New Domain.

He loves the interface. Even though that smartphone’s hardware specs are impressive — and its camera is hobbled — the phone runs best, fastest and and most reliably, he told us today. 

After listening to the podcast, it was difficult to hear what Wozniak was saying, but we could hear that when choosing based on "looks and beauty" the Windows phone had it all over the others. While he did mention it was better than Android at one point, he said that the elegant interface was better than his other phones, including the iPhone 4S -- which he called sometimes awkward to use.

However, Wozniak was clear that the Windows Phone wasn't his phone of choice because of the lack of apps. That's not news to us, nor is it that Wozniak said that the iPhone was still his phone of choice "for many reasons." Surely at least one is because you're the co-founder of Apple?

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