“The Office”: First Look at the Final Season

Andy is back and already tormenting the new guys.

It seems like only yesterday Dwight was complaining to Michael about Jim's pranks involving Jello, and Jim was too busy flirting with Pam to notice. But alas, "The Office" is indeed heading into its ninth and final season starting Sept. 20, and we need to start preparing for the end.

The best way we can help with that is sharing this exclusive clip from the season premiere, titled "The New Guys."

Andy (Ed Helms) is back in the office, and he waits about nine seconds before making things awkward and tormenting the new hires with awful nicknames.

Check out the clip below, and then head on down to the comments for some much-needed discussion about the end of a TV era. Regardless of your opinion on recent seasons, "The Office" will probably always have a special place in your small-screen heart.

The final season of "The Office" premieres Thursday Sept. 20 at 9 p.m. ET

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