“The Voice” Recap: The Battle Rounds Begin and Billie Joe Armstrong Stops By

A contestant was stolen from one coach for the first time in the show's history

Let's get ready to rumble!

After weeks of blind auditions, "The Voice" finally moved onto its battle rounds and the four coaches invited some famous friends onto NBC's hit reality show to give their team some advice. Mary J. Blige came in to help Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green recruited Rob Thomas, Michael Bublé mentored Blake Shelton's team and Christina Aguilera brought in Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong, who recently checked into rehab after an on-stage meltdown.

So which singers made it through to the knockout round? Plus, which coach was the first to "steal" another coach's contestant? Find out now!

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Team Blake

First up are wrestler/aspiring country singer Casey Muessigmann vs. Scottish rocker Terry McDermott, who Blake pitted against each other because "you're really loud, powerful singers with great pitch." While it seems like the song choice, Kansas' "Carry On, Wayward Son," would give Terry the edge, Blake points out that the artist who is more comfortable with a tune tends to lose because they are overly-confident.

Christina applauds both artists, telling Blake, "You've got a tough decision." Cee Lo points out that the song was more in Terry's wheelhouse, but says Casey sounded "great," calling it a great battle. In the end, Blake goes with Terry, because "he knows what his voice is a little more."

Later, Mom and daughter duo 2Steel Girls went up against Gracia Harrison on Dixie Chicks' "Sin Wagon." Gracia says she's nervous going up against two voices, but Christina preferred her take on the song, as did Adam; Cee Lo favored the duo. Blake's choice? Gracia!

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Team Adam

Fellow New Yorkers Bryan Keith, who is the son of a Grammy winner and Collin McLoughlin, a former grad student, battled it out to move onto the knockout round, singing "Santeria" by Sublime. "I've been an underdog," Collin says, adding that the song is more suited to Bryan's style.

Blake says their performance was "a lot of fun" and praises their "laidback" vibe, but says Collin came out the victor. Christina highlights Bryan's "swag" and Cee Lo agrees. Adam's choice? Bryan. But don't feel bad for Collin because both Blake and Cee Lo push their buttons to steal him! Yes, we have the first steal in "The Voice's" three-season history! Collin chooses to be on Team Blake. "Stealing an artist from another coach is fun!" the country crooner says.

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Team Cee Lo

Cee Lo picks classic rock song "Jessie's Girl" for Peruvian singer Diego Val and YouTube sensation J.R. "44 million hits" Aquino to perform for survival. Diego has a bit of trouble during rehearsal with Rob Thomas, who says the singer needs to "buckle down." Cee Lo hopes that Diego takes the battle "seriously."

Adam says they were "really battling," Blake calls them both "pop singers," but picks J.R. as the battle winner. Christina disagrees, saying Diego won. Cee Lo chooses Diego because he "can do something stranger" with him.

For his team's second battle o' the night, Cee Lo decides to pair two of his most soulful (and strongest) artists, Amanda Brown and Trevin Hunte, against each other. They duet on "Vision of Love" and it's easily the night's best performance, with all three coaches ready to steal whoever Cee Lo sends home. Cee Lo decides to keep Trevin, making Amanda fair game. After being wooed by all three coaches, Amanda chooses to join Team Adam.

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Team Christina

Before beginning the battle, the coach takes some time to gush over mentor Billie Joe Armstrong. "[He] is amazing. I mean, a true rock star through and though. I'm just so excited to have his knowledge and background come to the table," she says.

Christina chooses De'Borah and Nelly's Echo to sing "Message in a Botte." Both singers perform so well in rehearsal, Bille Joe says, "Even the mistakes you're making sound amazing. I think this could be the best performance of the whole show." Cee Lo, Adam and Blake praise both contestants, but all favor De'Borah in this performance. In the end, Christina agrees and sends De'Borah through to the next round.

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