Thief Thwarted By Apple’s Technology

Bo White photo
Bo White

Stealing Apple's new iPad is not as easy as it looks. That's because the device comes with a built in anti-theft device.

A North Bay thief found that out the hard way, according to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

Lisa Schaffner was shopping at a Healdsburg store, when she realized she had left her iPad in a cart. She ran back to get it, but a clerk told her a young man had already claimed it. So Schaffner activated a program that would alert her if someone tried to use the iPad.

A few hours later, she received an alert on her iPhone that the iPad was on. Thanks to the GPS device in the iPad, Schaffner was able to track her device to a house nearby. She called police and they showed up at the home.

19-year-old Anthony Fernandez reportedly answered the door. When police asked him about the stolen iPad, he said he didn't have it. That's when the iPad began to beep.

Turns out it has an alarm that can be activated by remote. Police traced the sound and say they found the iPad hidden in a bedroom.

The Sonoma County District Attorney's Office is trying to decide whether to cite or arrest Fernandez.

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