St. John’s Hires Karen Elson, Says Angelina “Overshadowed the Brand”

angelina jolie karen elson st john
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Apparently, Angelina Jolie doesn't always come out on top.  Women's Wear Daily reports that St. John's CEO announced that model Karen Elson will become the new face of the brand for Spring 2010, marking a departure from both the A-list star and Kelly Gray, the founder's daughter. 

According to the St. John CEO Glenn McMahon, Jolie "overshadowed the brand" and the company would steer clear of using her (or other actresses) in their ads going forward.  “We wanted to make a clean break from actresses and steer away from blondes and cleanse the palette,” he said.  The CEO explained the replacement with Karen Elson as part of the brand's "evolution". 

Two points to St. John's spin team for their creative work in finessing the firing of a megacelebirty.  Minus two for their non-awareness that Jolie and Gray might not be the issue. 

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