Customizable Baubles and Charms

Why buy the same baubles as everyone else when you can personalize your accessories?

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Why buy the same baubles as everyone else when you can personalize your accessories especially for you? Caja's cool silver nameplate necklace is hand-calligraphed in sterling silver, and can be customized to say whatever you want. $200 at Catbird.
Carrie Bradshaw can be credited with making personalized jewelry mainstream. You can replicate her look at, which, for under $50, will create your own blingin' gold nameplate. $49.95 at
Couture Candy
Declare your everlasting love with Christine Martin's charming personalized twin charms, which can be worn together on a single chain, or—in fifth-grade fashion—given to your BFF. $220 at Couture Candy.
Dover Saddlery
For a touch of blue blood equestrian style, try one of these customizable saddle bracelets from Dover Saddlery featuring gusseted leather and brass hardware. $19.95 at Dover Saddlery.
A classic heart-shaped charm is an easy way to say you're "taken." Just hope your beau's name is under six-characters—the max these simple silver editions from Fancypants can accommodate. $85 at Princess Fancypants.
Giles & Brother
Shaped to look like a curving railroad nail, Giles & Brother's tough-looking brass cuff can be hand-stamped with your initials. $55 at Giles & Brother.
Charm & Chain
Dainty and elegant, we love this slim gold bar necklace from Ginette, which can be monogrammed with a name, word or even a date for a memorable birthday or anniversary gift. $395 at Charm and Chain.
In God We Trust
Likewise, these fuss-free brass bracelets from In God We Trust are designed with a flattened out section at the top—the perfect spot for intials, a sassy phrase or significant date. $395 at In God We Trust.
Jennifer Zeuner
Swirly initial pendants like this one from Jennifer Zeuner were extremely popular in the '50s and '60s, but Zeuner has updated the look with fewer embellishments and easy-to-read lettering. $309 at Jennifer Zeuner.
Sarah Chloe
These cool circle-charm bracelets from Sarah Chloe are perfect for stacking with other baubles or even a cool watch to create a personalized "arm party." $98 at Sarah Chloe.
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