Reel Style: Dystopic Looks for “Prometheus”

Ridley Scott's latest sci-fi flick is packed with sleek, futuristic looks.

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Big, splashy alien movies are practically a summertime prerequisite, and Ridley Scott's latest flick "Prometheus," which opens in theaters tomorrow, fits the bill. Following a group of scientists (including Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbinder and Noomi Rapace) as they investigate the origins of human life, the film is intended as a prequel to Scott's "Alien" films.
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With its futuristic technology and "Star Wars"-like spaceships, "Prometheus" promises to be another wild ride through Scott's dystopian future.
Twentieth Century Fox
Echoes of the film's dark, sci-fi mood could be felt on the fall runways this season, which offered sleek and super-functional ensembles that wouldn't feel entirely out of place on the "Prometheus" planet.
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Naturally, Charlize Theron can turn anything into a fashion statement, including a zip-front neoprene suit that, we bet, will reverberate on the catwalk in seasons to come.
Twentieth Century Fox
While exploring the alien planet, the team of scientists uncovers a series of secrets that could lead to the undoing of mankind. These blue-and-black protective suits keep them looking stylish throughout the whole harrowing affair.
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With models' faces covered in perforated fabric, Alexander Wang's sleek, futuristic fall collection took on a more menacing look.
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Crisp black-and-white blocking at Phillip Lim had a decidedly modern appeal. This particular long-sleeve dress looked sporty enough for Theron's "Prometheus" character, Meredith Vickers.
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Similarly, Rodarte's cool leather pieces featured tiny geometric details like the cylindrical white cut-outs on this sleeveless sheath.
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Calvin Klein's collarless jacket with a shiny metallic belt felt futuristic but still totally wearable paired with crisp black trousers.
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A high-necked leather jacket at Max Mara had a protective, "warrior-sent-from-the-future" look.
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Fassbinder and Theron would have an easy time slaying aliens in one of Versace's tough embellished motorcycle jackets.
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With boxy shoulders and silvery fabric treatments, Balenciaga's messy-haired models looked like intergalactic warrior women.
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Balmain's form-fitting leather shirts lent a futuristic look to sexy jewel-tone slit skirts in shimmery crushed velvet.
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Jean Paul Gaultier's matching bronze metallic suit may be a bit flashy for the "Prometheus" team, but we think the look would still be appropriate in some nearby, super-stylish galaxy.
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Givenchy's high-necked leather dress looks fit for an alien queen with its flouncy skirt and matching gloves.
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