Thursday Watch List: You Are Ready For Some Football

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and empty the wings into the oil barrel fryer. LET’S GO!

SAINTS/PACKERS – 8:30PM (NBC) After an offseason that featured a four-month lockout and the potential of no football in the fall at all, we are extremely grateful to finally arrive at this first real NFL game of the season. And my goodness, it's a good one, with the past two Super Bowl winners going head-to-head. So get together with your closest friends, open up the tubes of raw Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage, and sit back and enjoy the return of the NFL. ANTICIPATION: SKY HIGH!

LOUIE – 10:30PM (FX) It's the last episode of what has been an extraordinary second season. Louie is up for an Emmy later this month and if they don't give it to him, I may be forced to thrash someone. Also, I find "Louie" to be the fastest 30 minutes in television. Every episode feels like it's about 5 minutes long, which isn't an insult. It doesn't drag the way other comedies do. It's like the book that keeps you turning the pages. Anyway, big congrats to CK for a great season that will be talked about for a long time. ANTICIPATION: LOUIE!

EXORCIST FILES – 9:00PM (SyFy) Here's a new show that profiles real-life exorcists as they talk about ceremonies they've performed and all the pea soup that's been barfed onto them. I bet they're a real hit at dinner parties. ANTICIPATION: HEAD-SPINNING!

MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS – 10:00PM (OWN) This two-hour doc from Oprah's network tracks three Eastern Pennsylvania school students as they vie to win a coveted Freddy Award, which is apparently the Tonys of high school musicals. Oh, so no one cares about them either? ANTICIPATION: SNARKY!

CBS FALL PREVIEW – 8:30PM (CBS) In lieu of actual new programming from the networks tonight, you get one network spending an entire half-hour advertising what new programming it has in store. Expect those new shows to all air sometime in 2019. ANTICIPATION: LET'S GET ON WITH IT!

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