Treat Yourself, And Check Out “Skins”

Show enter third season, but jump right in

If you've never watched Skins, you are seriously missing out. It's truly an awesome series about teens (and it had Dev Patel before he got all famous for Slumdog Millionaire). But if you've missed the first two seasons, it is quite OK. You can dive in headfirst tonight and you won't be lost at all. There's a brand-spanking-new group of young, messed-up teens just starting college who drink, smoke, do drugs, have a lot of sex and do all sorts of disgusting things. Its like a dirty, messed up version of Degrassi. It really, really, really goes there.

While I enjoyed the first two seasons, I appreciate the fact that they're just jumping in with new kids to keep it fresh. It always makes me so sad when shows try desperately to balance storylines when some of the stars have moved on to other things. Anyway, give it a whirl -- if the first two seasons were any indication, Season 3 should be an equally unpredictable wild ride. The trailer is below, to give you a little taste.

Skins premieres tonight at 9/8C on BBC America. Not your cup of tea, guv'nah? Check out our Week in Preview for more options.

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