Tony Dovolani On ‘Dancing' With Kate Gosselin: ‘This Situation Is Not Like A Marriage'

Kate Gosselin might have a bit more learning to do if she gets the opportunity to hit the ballroom again on "Dancing with the Stars."

Despite her proclamation on Monday night's episode, following the headline-grabbing clip of her heated rehearsal argument with partner Tony Dovolani, that the two need to "learn to communicate like a marriage," that's not how things will be going in the studio.

"This situation is not like a marriage," Tony told Billy Bush for Access Hollywood and "The Billy Bush Show" on Tuesday. "I am the instructor at this point. I have to bring the information across, regardless of the situation."

As previously reported on, during Monday night's "DWTS," producers showed a clip of Tony walking out on Kate after the two sparred over his teaching methods.

"He feels like I undermined him as a teacher and I didn't. I'm not qualified to teach, but I am qualified to know how it is that I want something to be shown to me," a frustrated Kate said in the clip.

Tony eventually came back, something Kate said she was grateful for.

"Thank you for coming back," she said. "I've had a lot of people quit on me in my life."

On Tuesday, during his interview with Tony, Billy suggested Kate might need to learn to give in to her partner in the practice studio. Tony said Kate actually needs to learn to come in with a stronger fighting spirit.

"It's not so much that she has to give in. I was always taught as a student, because I've been a student all my life… all my coaches said, 'You show up, you give it your 150 percent,'" Tony recounted. "My coaches were always really good at telling me that when I had an opinion, they would give it to me, so I never really had an opinion with my coaches, because they were there to help me and that's the thing."

Tony said Kate is also beginning to learn that her ballroom partner is on her side.

"Regardless of what Kate's past is, the thing with the struggle is… especially now after we had that entire conversation — she's starting to understand regardless of how tough I may be … I'm on her side," he said. "I'm actually trying to make her look good. Once that was cleared up, she understood that I'm not actually going against her. I'm not trying to cause any problems for her. All I'm trying to do is make her look good."

Last night, Kate confirmed her dedication toward her partner.

"Tony is great, for the record," Kate told Access' Shaun Robinson. "I don't care what they show. It is just he has as much pressure as a teacher as I have as a student. It's a hard hard thing."

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