Top Suds ‘Round Orange County

The ever-popular OC Brew Ha Ha is on approach. Where do you sip?

THE CRAFT OF CALIFORNIA: When CNN released its listing of the 8 Best Beer Towns in the USA in May, no foam fan in the great Golden State could have been surprised to see San Francisco and San Diego sitting pretty at numbers two and three, respectively. Every craft-lovin' Californian has to be proud of that list, regardless of where they call home, and yet? If you don't live in the San Diego or Bay area, you likely long for your own region to get the props.

So today, here, and now, props are being given to another one of our state's sudsiest stretches: Orange County. Not only does the county's always popular Brew Ha Ha bring out the sippers, but the area breweries win accolades aplenty. Here's where to find your craft north of San Diego and south of LA.

ORANGE COUNTY BREW HA HA: This annual event, which raises money for the Fallen Fire Fighters Relief Fund, is gearing up for its Saturday, Sept. 7 date in Silverado. If you want to get to know a large swatch of local beermakers, and try a few at once, this is your spot. But do note the message on the site, that swears tickets go early. This is the truth, so act on yours long before summer starts to wrap.

And two more, among many excellent choices, to check out...

NOBLE ALE WORKS: Based in Anaheim -- and close to Angels Stadium and the Honda Center to boot -- this brewery offers up classics and a few offbeat libations, like Earl's Grey Dinghy, which, yep, has a hint of tea to it.

PIZZA PORT: There's a quartet of these popular local hangs and there's a whole bevy of beers to go along with the pizza in the name. How do you know what's on tap at any one time? Up-to-date photos are posted for all four locations.

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