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Trump Supporters Celebrate Payoff of Fundraising Efforts in California

Many supporters of President Donald Trump are celebrating new fundraising figures from California – figures that show him outpacing any single democrat, although he has not raised more than the total amount that Democrats have.

The new figures are significant because they’re from so-called “small amount donors,” supporters who gave $200 or less.

The figures also show that he has raised much more money than any of his Democratic rivals in what’s usually a democratic state – but the numbers also show that he’s benefiting from being the only viable Republican in the race.

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Between July and September Trump has made several high-profile tours through California, raising $10.78 million. In comparison, Senator Kamala Harris beat out her fellow Democratic rivals with $2.84 million. But Democrats, in total, raised $16.34 million during the same timeframe that Trump raised $10.78 million, outpacing him by more than $6 million.

On the campaign trail this weekend one of the democratic front runners got a restart, and a key progressive endorsement. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined Senator Bernie Sanders at a rally in New York just 18 days after he suffered a heart attack.

“To put it bluntly, I am back!” Sanders said.

Meanwhile, some disunity within the party flared up.

Former Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton alluded to longshot Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard during a podcast interview. Clinton said Gabbard’s benefiting from a campaign by Russian bots to boost her standing.

The Congresswoman, who’s a combat veteran, shot back.

“As much as Hillary Clinton would love for me to run as an independent or a third-party candidate, I am not entertaining that,” Gabbard said.

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