Trump Won't Release His Tax Returns Until After November

Trump is proposing a massive tax overhaul, and says he'd be OK paying more in taxes

Donald Trump will not reveal how much money he makes or how much he pays in taxes despite pressure to release his tax returns, NBC News reported. 

The presumptive Republican nominee told The Associated Press Tuesday he won’t release his returns before November due to an audit. Until Tuesday, Trump signaled he hoped to release them soon. 

"There's nothing to learn from them," Trump said in an interview published on Wednesday, adding that he didn't think they would interest voters. 

Trump previously insisted it would be bad for business and that he can’t release his returns because of the ongoing audit. The Internal Revenue Service said nothing prevents an individual from releasing the documents. 

"We stress that we're in tax administration, so we have no stake in any of the primaries going on," IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said in February in response to Trump's insinuation that he could not reveal the information while under audit. "From our standpoint, if you're being audited, and you want to do something else, share that information with your returns, you can do that."

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