Tuesday Watch List: Yet More Paltrow

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and feed your whales. LET’S GO!

GLEE – 8:00PM (FOX) The Gwyneth Paltrow media fiesta continues with no end in sight. Tonight, the actress/singer/lotionmaker/author/microphone stand returns to FOX’s musical comedy to perform Adele’s “Turning Tables.” I just read a profile of Paltrow yesterday that featured her handing out cucumber water to guests and being toasted by Jessica Seinfeld. And that’s the most Gwyneth Paltrow thing you’ll ever need to know. Also getting the “Glee” treatment tonight is Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself,” which will most assuredly be used as some kind of anthem for bullying victims. ANTICIPATION: GLEEFUL!

BODY OF PROOF – 10:00PM (ABC) For the second week in a row, we have a Christina Hendricks alert! NOT A DRILL. The “Mad Men” star waits out the show’s extended contract squabble by doing a guest turn tonight on Dana Delany’s show, which just happens to feature her husband (booooo) in the cast. Hendricks plays the twin sister of a dead girl. I guess that pretty much puts an end to any identity switching hijinks. ANTICIPATION: HENDRICKS!

BIGGEST LOSER: COUPLES – 8:00PM (NBC) The contestants spend this evening doing all kinds of crazy outdoor activities, like river surfing (that’s a thing?) and bungee jumping. And really, is there a more suspenseful televised event than overweight people bungee jumping? I say no. ANTICIPATION: WE NEED A THICKER CORD!

BLACK IN LATIN AMERICA – 8:00PM (PBS) Scholar Henry Louis Gates travels to Haiti and the Dominican Republic to take a look at the history of African-Latin Americans (I just coined that term now) and how they’ve become such an enormous part of Latin culture. ANTICIPATION: ANTHROPOLOGICAL!

THE GIRL IN THE GLASS CASKET – 8:00PM (NatGeo – an NBC/Universal network) An Italian girl who died in 1920 was preserved in a glass casket, with much of her hair and skin still intact. Tonight, NatGeo takes a look at how workers are frantically attempting to preserve the mummy. I assume we’ll also meet the seven dwarfs who built the coffin, along with the handsome prince who will be waking the girl up with true love’s first kiss. ANTICIPATION: HEIGH HO!

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