Twitter Ends Message-Encrypting Project

Aduanas y Protección de Fronteras

Twitter shuttered a project that would have encrypted users' private messages from prying government eyes without any explanation, according to a report.

Late last year, the social network was working on encrypting direct messages, because its normal messages are public, but then the project was suddenly dropped "without explanation," The Verge reported.

The explanation is deemed not to be a change in views on privacy, which Twitter has been at the forefront of securing user privacy, but because the social network has been too busy to get the project together. Essentially, it's not high on the priority list.

Twitter has been one of the few tech companies which made if difficult for government agencies to collect data.
"The most notable example was its refusal to cooperate with PRISM, the controversial National Security Agency program that made it easy for the government to electronically pick up data ordered under court-approved requests," The Verge reported.
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