Couple Delivers Baby in Uber on Way to Hospital

"'I’m so sorry about your car.' It’s all I could think about," the mother said

A simple Uber pickup in Los Angeles turned into a very special delivery for one driver after his pregnant passenger realized she woudn't make to the hospital in time to give birth there.

On Friday evening, Niv and Erica Davidovich were preparing for Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath. When Erica started having contractions, she lit candles and began to pray.

She asked God for a fast and easy delivery and a healthy baby.

Niv says his wife’s prayers were answered in "a very odd way."

To not break any Shabbat laws, which don’t allow activities such as driving, the couple called for an Uber to take them to the hospital. Because Erica had previously given birth to three other children, she thought she had time. 

"When I called I thought, 'OK, I have 10 hours. It’s very painful and I want to get my epidural,'" Erica said.

Not long after getting inside the the Uber driver's Lexus, Erica's water broke.

"'I’m so sorry about your car.' It’s all I could think about," she recalled.

The driver, Raymond Telles, 23, then pulled into the Whole Foods parking lot in Sherman Oaks.

"He was honking his horn. It was an emergency situation," Niv said.

Niv called 911 about 8:41 p.m. when his wife shouted that she was going to have the baby right then and there.

"I caught him as he came out," Niv said.

The Los Angeles Fire Department confirmed the special delivery on its Facebook page and said the driver was the "primary assist for the successful delivery of a newborn in the vehicle." 

The department added that Erica and her new son were transported to the hospital in good condition and that Niv supported his wife.

The couple credits the 23-year-old Uber driver for being so calm and helpful during the baby's delivery. They reunited with the driver on Monday to celebrate a ride they’ll never forget.

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