Package Addressed to Mass Shooters' Home Found to Be Safe

The area surrounding a UPS facility in San Bernardino was evacuated and placed on lockdown Friday night after a delivery driver discovered a package slated for delivery to the home of the suspected attackers in this week’s mass shooting.

The area around the facility was blocked off out of “an abundance of caution,” San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said in a tweet.

“Driver realized it was the same address and returned to facility with the package,” Burguan tweeted.

The bomb squad was called in and was investigating just before 9 p.m.

Burguan also tweeted that the item was from a reputable vendor, and there was no known immediate threat.

Authorities determined around 10 p.m. that the package was safe.

A UPS driver, who asked to not be identified, said there was a package delivered at the home of the suspected shooter every day for the last three months.

The driver also told NBC4 that the FBI halted deliveries to the suspected shooters' address and possibly other addresses after the mass shooting occurred.

Local residents were on edge and still in a state of shock days after the shooting.

"It feels like nervous and like sad to see all this, what's going on in your community," said local resident Rosa Aduyo.

Many members of the community visited a growing memorial at the scene of the shooting massacre.

"I feel like they have taken a part of our city, our county, our nation," said local resident Illeana Massingill.

The UPS facility was reopened before midnight on Friday.

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