Users Dislike Facebook Privacy Changes

Michael Gehlken

Pairing Facebook and privacy settings has often led to a morass and bad public relations. So, with the social platform going public, they opened privacy proposals for the users to vote on.

If enough people voted -- 30 percent of subscribers -- the vote would be binding. Facebook has about 900 million users, worldwide.

But only 0.1 percent of users voted -- and they voted overwhelmingly negatively to the proposals.

Of the 342,600 users who voted, only 13 percent favored the policy changes. For FB to feel bound to the vote, the equivalent of 86 percent of the entire United States would have to vote.

"A very very small minority of people that use Facebook voted, which was pretty disappointing from our point of view," Facebook spokesperson Jaime Schopflin told

Facebook, having gone public, is trying to balance its stated priority of using user feedback at the same time as serving the regulators that now oversee its business operations.

A fine line that they'll continue to walk, undoubtedly leaving one or more constituencies upset.

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