Users Will Buy the iPhone 5 for 4G LTE

The vast majority of people who will buy the new iPhone 5 will buy it because it's the first 4G iPhone, a survey reported.

The PCWorld/MacWorld survey polled about 2,500 people in March, and the results revealed that the majority who said they would buy the imminent iPhone 5 will do so because of its new 4G LTE technology.

Forbes seemed to agree with the findings: "And now that AT&T is offering 4G LTE service, consumers will not have to switch carriers to get the faster connection."

A lot of attention has been focused on the possible size and sleekness of the new iPhone, but it seems that looks will have little to do with it breaking iPhone records. iPhone users are eagerly willing to trade in their older phones for faster connections speeds. If this is really true, then Apple could save itself a lot of headaches and just repackage the iPhone 4S, but this time with 4G.

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