Ventura Ventures

VENTURE TO VENTURA: When searching out California vacay spots, don’t be so quick to cross this one off the list.  First off, it happens to be located in a very central (and convenient) part of the state.  Just 27 miles south of Santa Barbara and about an hour north of L.A., you might only have to create one road trip play list.  Also…amidst the Spanish charm and cosmopolitan appeal, V-town gives off that kick-up-your-feet, relaxing feel.   

  Why not keep with the theme?  The North Shore Wildlife Cruise is a three-hour boat tour along the California Channel Islands.  Since you'll cruise right through the Channel Islands National Park, consider it a complimentary history lesson --and you won't even have to step a toe off the boat.  Keep an eye out for sea lions, seals, and island birds.  They’re pretty prominent in that area—or, so we hear.  Also, if you happen to plan your trip through December 12, sneak a peak at the Dudley House Victorian Holiday Boutique.  Stroll leisurely through the historic Dudley House while scoping out high-quality home crafts and other unique homemade items.  It's two things you, kind of, must do. 


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