Vera Farmiga Looks Forward to “Epic” Wallis Simpson Romance

Word that Madonna will direct "W.E.," a biopic about Edward VIII and Wallace Simpson, can cause ensure that any optimism gets, well, swept away.

But then an actress like Vera Farmiga signs on as Wallace Simpson and that optimism slowly returns. Standing at the podium of the Oscars nominees luncheon yesterday, Farmiga excitedly discussed signing onto the project.

"To me it's an epic love story," she said. "A woman who fell in love with a man who happened to be the King of England."

And one who happened to give up the throne because of the fallout from the relationship.

"To give that up for love and to see how that love was affected by the pressures put on them," said Farmiga "I'm fascinated with her."

Looking at Farmiga's face it's clear that she has the bone structure to be an effective Simpson look-alike. And you could argue that the role will be an extension of her "Up in the Air" character, to which she brought class and warmth when there could have been caricature.

Farmiga said it was a matter of finding financing for the film."There are very few films between $5 million and $500 million that are being green-lit," she said. "It's just fingers-crossed."

Somehow with Madonna, you have to believe this funding will come.

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