Verizon IPhone Drops Fewer Calls Than AT&T's

From the "News We Already Knew" file: Verizon iPhone drops fewer calls than AT&T's.

It's no secret AT&T's network is notoriously flimsy, but now we have some solid evidence to prove it.

Venture Beat says a survey by ChangeWave Research shows, of the 4,068 consumers polled, Verizon's iPhone only drops calls 1.8% of the time, while AT&T's drops 4.8% of the time.

And the iPhone itself is not to blame. Network-wide results show Verizon customers had a dropped call rate of 1.4%, and AT&T had the industry's worst rate of 4.6%.

It should also be noted that Verizon only has a fraction of iPhone customers compared to AT&T's.

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