Verizon iPhone: Who’s the Biggest Loser, Android or AT&T?

Sam Churchill

The Verizon iPhone announcement, which was about as secretive as a Kardashian, could mean a loss of millions of AT&T subscribers -- but could it also mean big losses for Android?

While many iPhone users seethed using the lowest-ranked carrier in the country, they loved their iPhone too much to give it up. Instead, they awaited the fateful day when they would get out of their exclusive AT&T contract. That day is coming next month and those without a hefty early-termination fees will likely jump aboard Verizon.

While the announcement gave few surprises, including that it will be a CDMA 3G phone rather than a 4G, new iPhone users will be given a personal Wi-Fi hotspot -- something not unusual for Verizon Android users, many are saying this will mean huge losses for AT&T and even Android.

AT&T has already been insulting Verizon, and apparently locking up users in contracts to combat the mass exodus.

Google's Android, on the other hands, was once the darling of Verizon with its many phones, such as Motorola's Droid X and Droid 2, taking up major real estate in Verizon Wireless stores and on its website. How will Android now fare that iPhone is the new teacher's pet?

While Apple fans seem to think that millions of Android users will jump on the iPhone now that it's on Verizon, I think that view is a bit simplistic. (Full disclosure: I bought and use a Motorola Droid 2 and use Verizon.) People buy smartphones for all sorts of reasons, and buying an Android phone because someone dislikes AT&T is just as likely as buying one because the user dislikes Apple. However, now that the iPhone has much more availability than it ever had,.we will actually see what the nation's customers really crave. Will it be an iPhone or an Android phone?

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