Video Scrapbook: Highlights from Barack Obama’s Second Inauguration

Barack Obama took the Oath of Office for his second term as President of the United States Monday, kicking off many Inauguration Day festivities across Washington, D.C.

During Obama's speech, which lasted just over 18 minutes, he outlined a broad agenda of gun control, equal rights and immigration reform during his second term and told the thousands of people in attendance that "our journey is not complete."

Watch videos from the swearing-in ceremony above and below:

Beyonce Performs the National Anthem: 

 President Takes Oath of Office:

James Taylor Sings "America The Beautiful":

Obama's Inaugural Speech: "Our Journey is Not Complete":

Obama Impersonator Draws Attention at Inauguration: 

Richard Blanco Recites Inauguration Poem: 

Kelly Clarkson Sings "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" At Inauguration: 

President and First Lady Walk Down Pennsylvania Avenue: 

First Lady Inauguration Style: 

New Day in Washington:

Obama Soaks in Crowd, Says "I’m Not Going to See This Again": 

Obama's First "Exclusive Interview" Goes to Al Roker: 

Al Roker Scores a Big Hello from Joe Biden: 

Malia Obama Photobombs Sister's Cell Phone Pic:

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