Vintage Vegas Package: Your Golden Gate Getaway

The city's oldest inn is summoning some of that wayback Sin City vibe.

GO BACK, BACK, BACK IN TIME: Without argument -- not even the littlest quibble -- one can say this, with a certain firmness: Las Vegas is one of the most costume-laden cities in the country, if not the planet. You could, and do, see an Elvis or two, complete with spangly white jumpsuit, pretty much every day you're in and around The Strip, and feathery headdresses atop sequin-rocking showgirls? Pretty par for the course, in certain quarters of Sin City. But less is made of visitors to Vegas rocking the costume look, and, nope, we don't mean bachelorette parties all wearing baseball caps denoting their wedding roles (though those do have certain Vegas-sweet charms). We mean the old-school Las Vegas mavens, the people who show up at the casinos dressed as though they're about to see Sammy and Dean sing together at The Stardust, or catch Louis Prima's late, late show over at the Desert Inn. They're in suits, and "Mad Men"-era frocks, and they do stand out a bit, sartorially, from our casual-loving modern way of dressing. If you're out under the neon by night sporting a skinny necktie, and Sinatra dominates your playlists, it's time for you to go full Vintage Vegas at, where else? The Golden Gate Hotel and Casino.

WE SAID "WHERE ELSE"... there, in a totally cheeky way, because every Vegas fan knows this: The downtown inn is the oldest in Las Vegas, built in 1906, and its petite charms -- petite compared to the colossal hotels found elsewhere around the city -- and those famously low-priced shrimp cocktails, makes it a favorite with the lovers of Sin City's retro style. The hotel recently introduced its Vintage Vegas package, which includes accommodations (the rooms have been upgraded in recent months), two classic Prohibition-style cocktails, and two tickets to the Mob Museum. Plus? You'll be right downtown, on Fremont Street, among some of the oldest hotels and restaurants in Las Vegas. Best pull out your best dress or suit, because costume-ing up around one of the planets most costume-cool cities is part of the pleasure.

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