Virgin Airlines Names Plane After Hip-Hop Artist Drake

Rapper calls jet bearing his name "phenomenal"

Getty Images

As honors go, it's got to be the best Drake's ever had.

Virgin Airlines has named its premier international aircraft after the hip-hop superstar, making him the first such artist to have a commercial plane named after him, according to

The plane, "Air Drake," offers flights from Toronto to San Francisco and Los Angeles.

"It's breathtaking to stand out here and stare at this plane," Drake told Spinner.

The Canadian-born artist "bridges the gap between Canada and America very successfully," Virgin Group Chairman Sir Richard Branson said.

In an 11-hour flight from Los Angeles to Toronto, the "Thank Me Later" singer picked the brain of the business mogul, whose net worth is estimated at nearly $4 billion.

"He told me I'm making the right moves," Drake said.

Although the christening of the flight was prompted by Drake's transnational appeal, he made it clear where his heart lies after landing in Canada.

"I'm just honored that my city loves me at all 'cause I love this city so much," he said.

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