Virginia Democrats Nominate First-Ever Female Speaker of the House

Eileen Filler-Corn represents part of Fairfax County

Democrats from Virginia's House of Delegates have nominated Eileen Filler-Corn to be the first female Speaker of the House in state history.

The historic vote occurs after Democrats assumed control of both chambers of the state General Assembly for the first time in a quarter century in November's elections.

Filler-Corn represents Virginia's 41st House District, which lies in Fairfax County and includes Springfield and Burke.

In a statement, Filler-Corn said she was grateful for the appointment and looked forward to working with her fellow delegates in the next legislative session.

"It's time to govern and usher in a new era in Virginia," Filler-Corn said in a statement on Twitter. "I do not take the support of my colleagues nor this responsibility lightly." 

Filler-Corn says she is also the first Jewish person to be elected Speaker-designee. 

Delegate Charniele Herring was elected as the party's majority leader and will become the first woman and first African-American to assume that role.

The full House of Delegates will officially vote to confirm a new speaker on the first day of the 2020 legislative session, a press release from Virginia House Dems said.

Democrats are currently discussing their legislative agenda, which could include gun control laws and passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

"We’re ready to move forward so that in January, when that gavel falls, we’re ready to govern," Herring told News4.

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