‘Voice' Coaches Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera Get Emotional Over Prince's Death: ‘There's a Heaviness in the Air'

"The Voice" coaches weigh in on the pop star's passing

Prince's untimely death is weighing heavily upon all the coaches on "The Voice."

E! News chatted with both Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera during "The Voice's" Karaoke for Charity event on Thursday, just hours after news broke about the pop star's passing, and despite the beautiful day and the awesome event, they couldn't help but get emotional.

"I got to meet Prince and have a relationship with him, and man, I'm just so sad," Levine told us. "I'm really, really sad. He was always so gracious and so cool and down to earth."

In fact, Levine added, "[Prince] doesn't convey much, but if he were to convey something he would probably want people to know he was just the dude. Really good basketball player, super mellow, just wanted to hang. I think people have a weird perception of his public persona."

"The Voice" coach explained how Prince was always getting like-minded people together to enjoy life and celebrate music. "There's just no one like him," Levine continued. "There's no one who's occupied that space."

Aguilera also couldn't help but get emotional while talking about the pop icon.

"There is a heaviness in the air. It is a sad day, even though the sun is shining, we're all just thinking in our heads of what a loss, what a crazy loss. But what an inspiration," she said.

Aguilera noted that Prince had, and will continue to have, a huge impact on the music industry and future artists.

"All of us I'm sure at one point or another will do some kind of a tribute. We've already done tributes – he was a living legend!" she said. "Very sad day, but such an authentic genuine spirit and talent, and we'll remember him in the best of light."

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