VW Sends Mark Zuckerberg A Love Letter (and Hoodie)

Earlier this month, we learned from a photo on Jelly and Facebook that Mark Zuckerberg texts and drives, as well as tools about town in a $40,000 black Volkswagen Golf GTI.

That photo went viral and apparently alerted VW, which decided to create a video where they wrote Zuckerberg a letter and sent him a GTI hoodie. The letter which is short and seemingly written with a Sharpie says:

Dear Mark,

We've heard you're driving a Volkswagen GTI. We like your style and hope you will like our GTI sweater as well!

Kind Regards, Your Friends at Volkswagen

Volkswagen apparently learned of Zuckerberg's car around Jan. 13, when the photo went viral, and touted their billionaire customer at a Detroit auto show, according to Forbes. “He’s not our average customer,” VW’s emcee said at the company’s press conference. “But he fits the demographic.”

That comment may have caused a lot of eyerolling because how many 29-year-old billionaires are anyone's demographic? Still, it was enough for VW to film and place the video on YouTube by Jan. 24. It also commented, "When driving his Volkswagen GTI Mark Zuckerberg demonstrates good taste. He can even do so off the roads with the new hoodie we just sent him!"

VW tactfully refrained from mentioning that Zuckerberg probably shouldn't be texting while driving.

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