Android Event Canceled: Steve Jobs’ Death or Patent Problem?


Google and Samsung decided to cancel a joint launch of Android Ice Cream Sandwich and the new Nexus Prime smartphone, saying it wasn't the "appropriate time" for the launch.

Later, Samsung said it was specifically because of the death of Steve Jobs that it decided to postpone the event, according to the Los Angeles Times. But now, rumors are circulating that it had less to do with Steve Jobs than with a patent problem, according to Business Insider.

The report is based on a tweet from tech blogger Eldar Murtazin, which stated: "Nexus Prime and Android 4.0 are under question. Google removing some features which are subject of patent war. No timeline for this job."

So, the companies just made up that stuff about Steve Jobs? Perhaps, or maybe Murtazin is wrong. According to 9to5Mac, he might be. It's saying that "an impeccable" source from Google has said that it will be sending out invitations to a new event posthaste.

When rumors are reported, we think we have to go with what source has more credibility, or we could just wait a few days and know for sure.

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