Weekend Watch List: The Finale Parade Begins!


Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and plan an extensive camping trip that you will ultimately live to regret. LET’S GO!

SURVIVOR – 8:00PM Sunday (CBS) The season finales are starting to trickle in, and I’m becoming terribly sad. Soon, it will be June and the air outside will be at roughly 70,000% humidity and there will be NOTHING to watch on TV except three-hour episodes of “20/20” and “Wipeout.” I’m going nuts just thinking about it. If only they had waited a month to kill bin Laden. Then June could have been bin Laden sweeps month. Anyway, enjoy your “Survivor” finale and reunion Sunday night. ANTICIPATION: HIGH!

THE KILLING – 10:00PM Sunday (AMC) Okay, now I’m starting to get impatient. This is the problem with season long whodunits. It’s a lot to ask of your audience to wait week after week after week to find out who did it. And that’s a shame because the mystery itself isn’t a huge reason why this show is compelling. But that question becomes so nagging that it starts to override everything else. Furthermore, you end up knowing who DIDN’T do it because they become suspects too early, ala rasta teacher guy. There are four episodes left. Please tell me I’mma get some satisfaction here. ANTICIPATION: TESTY!

WYATT CENAC: COMEDY PERSON – 11:00PM Saturday (Comedy Central) The “Daily Show” correspondent gets his own standup special Saturday night, and I really wish comedians would spend more time giving their specials a decent name. Between this and “Demetri Martin: Person” and “Norm McDonald: Me Doing Standup,” it’s like a fiesta of smug literalism. But Wyatt’s a funny guy, for certain. ANTICIPATION: WYATTY!

EDGE OF THE GARDEN – 9:00PM Saturday (Hallmark) This made-for-TV Hallmark flick features Rob Estes as a hard-driven careerist who becomes friends with a ghost on a retreat in rural Maine. I went to school in rural Maine, and I can verify that the only thing to do around there is to make friends with dead people. ANTICIPATION: MAINEY!

OFF THE REZ – 9:00PM Saturday (TLC) This documentary follows Native American basketball player Shoni Schimmel as she tries desperately to secure a college scholarship and improve her life. Wait, this sounds heartfelt and compelling. What’s it doing on TLC? Does she also have octopus eyes? ANTICIPATION: POIGNANT!

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