Weekend Watch List: Tom Brokaw Will Heal America!

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and receive your Nobel Peace Prize in absentia. If it wasn’t for you, that skirmish between your son and little Billy Bailey down the street could have become an international conflict. LET’S GO!

TOM BROKAW PRESENTS BRIDGING THE DIVIDE – 7:00PM Tonight (USA- an NBC/Universal network) The legendary NBC News anchor presents a documentary that takes a look at the nearly 50 years since the Civil Rights Act and the progress America has made in that time. ANTICIPATION: AMBITIOUS!

LOMBARDI – 9:00PM Saturday (HBO) You would have thought HBO Sports had done a documentary on the legendary football coach already, but no! Tonight is their first stab at it. Watch in awe as the Packers icon single-handedly turns football into pretend war and spawns an entire generation of humorless, profanity-spewing football coaches. Why, without Vince, your Pee Wee Coach never would have hit you with that switch. And that would have been a pity. ANTICIPATION: A SEAL HERE HERE AND HERE!

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE – 11:30PM Saturday (NBC) Paul Rudd is your host and Paul McCartney is your musical guest (pray he doesn’t sing “Freedom”). Hey Paul, remember like, when you were in that one skit with Chris Farley? And he was so starstruck he like, couldn’t ask any real questions? Yeah, that was awesome. ANTICIPATION: BEATLEY!

FAMILY GUY CHRISTMAS SPECIAL – 8:30PM Sunday (FOX) Stewie needs to track down Santa in this hourlong holiday special. He’s desperate to get his present this year, namely jokes taken from other shows and 80’s references that are made for no reason. ANTICIPATION: BURNNNN!

REBEL TRUCE: THE HISTORY OF THE CLASH – 10:00PM Sunday (BBC America) BBC presents this documentary on the Only Band That Matters. Well, it’s the only band that matters if you’re extremely closed-minded and bossy, but they secured the title first. ANTICIPATION: SPANISH BOMBS!

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