What to Expect From Apple's ICloud

Apple has already announced that they'll be unveiling iCloud next week. But what is iCloud, exactly?

It sounds like iCloud will be a way of having your music collection mirrored on Apple's servers, allowing you to listen to your tunes when away from home without having to upload them anywhere or store them on your mobile device. In order to make this possible, Apple got all four of the major labels on board.

Essentially, Apple will have a huge database of pretty much all songs on its servers. If it authenticates you as owning one of the songs, it'll let you stream it free of charge. At first, it'll only work with songs you've purchased through iTunes, but it may expand to all songs you have on your computer eventually.

It's supposedly going to be free at first, with a $25 yearly fee being a possibility later on. What do you think, is this something you'd be interested in?

Via PC Mag

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