Where's Jerry?

The mystery of where Gov. Jerry Brown is spending his vacation has been revealed…by his wife. 

Anne Gust Brown tweeted Wednesday that she and her husband were headed to the top of Yosemite Falls.

All Brown’s office had said until this point is that they were hiking in the Sierras. A picture posted by Gust shows the governor in a green khaki shirt, she in an orange T-shirt, posing with walking sticks in front of the lower falls.

I’ve done it, and it’s a strenuous hike to the top of the falls. For a 73-year-old, it’s an ambitious undertaking.

Brown may get a chance to witness a dramatic search operation.

His visit to Yosemite comes amid a search by park rangers for hikers who are believed to have been swept over Vernal Falls, which is on the other side of the valley floor.

The Mist Trail leading up to the falls were closed Wednesday as rangers continued their search. Heavy snowfall has made for impressive waterfall displays this spring and summer.

Brown will be glad to know that he managed to avoid a big stink at the Capitol by being in the mountains. Literally.

The California Highway Patrol says a skunk entered the building’s basement on Tuesday night and camped out near the governor’s elevator, before being removed by animal control officers Wednesday morning.

The ground floor of the Capitol carries the unmistakable smell of the creature’s visit. Cue the jokes now about a political stench in Sacramento.

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