If Redevelopment Dies, Are Football and Mermaids Next?

Local governments who oppose Gov. Brown's plan to kill redevelopment agencies are talking up projects that might be at risk as a result. Among them: new stadiums for football's San Diego Chargers and San Francisco 49ers.

One problem with these sob stories: the victims aren't sympathetic. Stadiums for rich pro sports teams? Heck, given the Chargers' proven ability to break the hearts of everyone in San Diego, the town might well be happier without them. And if those teams are so important to those cities, Brown's proposal opens the door for a 55 percent vote of local voters who want to tax themselves for the privilege of a new stadium.

On the other hand, a new bar in Sacramento was  built with redevelopment funds, and it has a giant tank of water with women swimming around in mermaid get-ups. And you have to love mermaids.

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