National Pizza Day

Yelp Is Hiring ‘Chief Pizza Officer' For $25,000

The selected candidate will serve as 'the authority on all things pizza from deep dish to Detroit style, pizza cones to personal pan'

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Do you want to get paid trying out different styles of pizza? Now is your chance.

Yelp is hiring its first “chief pizza officer” to serve as “the authority on all things pizza” with a compensation of $25,000, the company announced as a celebration of the National Pizza Day on Wednesday.

“During their six-month engagement, the Chief Pizza Officer will be responsible for spreading their love for pizza and sharing the latest pizza trends with the Yelp community,” the crowd-sourced review company said.

People who are interested can apply by submitting a 30-60 second video to, describing why they’re qualified for the role. The company is accepting entries until the end of this month. Selectors will assess candidates based on their love for local businesses, pizza pride, geography and social media presence.

The chief pizza officer will be expected to share the latest pizza trends with the Yelp community as well as continue their pizza education across the U.S.

The recruitment came as Yelp shared that pizza was one of the top five most searched terms on the platform.

The idea of hiring food lovers and experts to focus their works on a certain food isn’t new. In 2018, oven company Onni hired “pizza taste testers” for up to $1,000 per day. McCormick searched for a "director of taco relations" last year for $100,000.

Amanda Plasencia tried some of Japan’s unique pizza flavors like char-grilled beef, fish & chips and butter chicken curry.
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