Yosemite-Style High-Fiving

High Five

PHOTO JOY: Is there any quicker way to convey, in a static photograph, that you and a pal are having a super-awesome-terrific time than the high five? No. No there is not. You could go the thumbs-up route, or the wide smile route, or the exaggerated wink route, but nothing is as zippy and zany as two palms meeting in mid-air. And if there happens to be an iconic landmark in the background? Say, El Capitan? Seen through your high five? It's like joy piled on top of joy. With that in mind, a certain national park has a "High 5s in Yosemite" Photo Contest on now.

HIGH-FIVERY REIGNS: The long and the short of it? You'll need to have a snapshot of you high-fiving in the national park (we suspect you'll need another person there, but hey, if you're into high-fiving yourself, we're not going to judge). A "mid-week stay at Yosemite Lodge" for two people is the big prize for the chosen photo. There will be some other goodies thrown in, like a Valley Floor Tour (we want to date the Valley Floor Tour we're so sweet on it). Now. Do you just happen to have a high-five photo? Or will you be in Yosemite in the next two weeks? Contest ends on Nov. 7. We think this contest should spur people to high five absolutely everywhere they journey to, just to make sure they always have multiple high-five shots on file. It's a wise move, is all we're saying.

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