Zeta-Jones “Furious” About Michael Douglas' Late Cancer Diagnosis

Actress opens up about hubby's illness

Actress Catherine-Zeta Jones said she blames doctors for not finding Michael Douglas' tumor sooner and talked about the difficulty of watching her husband battle cancer.

"It makes me furious they didn't detect it earlier," Zeta-Jones, 40, told People magazine about the tumor discovered at the base of Douglas' throat. "He sought every option and nothing was found."

Despite exhaustion from treatment, the 65-year-old Oscar-winning "Wall Street" star told David Letterman on his show Tuesday that he had been going to doctors for months for a sore throat and ear pain before they determined he had stage-four cancer. It was his first television appearance since the bad news broke three weeks ago.

Zeta-Jones, an Oscar-winning actress herself, said it especially hurt to watch her once-energetic husband suffer from the exhaustive treatment.

"I know maybe I should be stronger, but emotionally I just don't want to see that," she said. "The hardest part is seeing his fatigue, because Michael is never tired."

After all the months of pain and uncertainty about Douglas' condition, the actress said the cancer news wasn't completely surprising because the celebrity couple always had a bad feeling about his health.

"It wasn't a huge shock. I knew something was up. He knew something was up," she said.

While Zeta-Jones expressed anger over the late diagnosis, Douglas told People he wasn't blaming anyone because "these things sometimes just don't show up."

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