Los Angeles

Zirx Gives Users Valet Parking

 Zirx is a new app that  hooks up users with attendants that that park their car, fill it up with gas or other routine car chores.

“It’s a convenience service,” chief executive and founder Sean Behr told Press:Here. “I think what many of us do is work all day and most of the time our car is parked. It sits there and on Saturday when we finally get free time we go to Jiffy Lube.”

Instead, why not pay $60 to $99 to get these things done and enjoy your weekend? Behr said that prices range from $15 for parking to $99 for a "synthetic oil change," and are proving popular in its five cities of operation: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington DC and San Diego. Most of its customer skew younger and the most popular model of car it services is the Toyota Prius.

In San Francisco, $15 for all-day parking isn't a bad price, but that's because Zirx buys its storage upfront and gets a better deal than people buying single spaces, Behr said. It also offers a $299 a month parking deal for users.


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