Zuckerberg Seeds Silicon Valley SuperPAC

[chicagogram] Just stand there.

A new Silicon Valley SuperPAC led by Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg will focus on education and immigration reform, according to reports.

The new political action committee reportedly involves a number of tech titans, but only Zuckerberg's name came up in the San Francisco Chronicle report which quoted an unnamed source.

The group will be organized by Zuckerberg's old college roommate, Joe Green, and thrive on a reported $20 million paid by the social network mogul. Other tech leaders are also contributing millions.

We wrote last week about Zuckerberg and other tech leaders signing a letter to Congress asking for immigration reform. The new SuperPAC will also take on immigration, education and economic growth. Jon Lerner, a Republican strategist, will be running the committee as well as GOP consultant Rob Jesmer. 

But why are Republicans leading the PAC when so many tech leaders have been high-profile Democrats? Sure, Zuckerberg hosted a fundraiser for Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, but that doesn't cancel out all the Priuses and organic produce in Silicon Valley.
So perhaps hiring conservatives may be a way to reach across the aisle and get Republicans on board with many of the issues concerning technology and economic growth.
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