Los Angeles Fire Department

No Gas Leak in Studio City: LAPD

A four-block residential area of Studio City was evacuated Wednesday morning after a report of a natural gas leak, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Authorities advised people to avoid the area in the 12500 block of Landale Street as they tried to determine the source of a possible leak.

After about an hour, it was determined there wasn't a leak, instead a man who allegedly claimed to use carbon monoxide to kill himself, Officer Jack Richter said, from the Los Angeles Police Department

Concerned there may be some type of explosive device inside the man's home, bomb squad units arrived on scene.

Neighbors said they've had issues with the man before and that he posted a note on his door that said he had a bomb.

LAPD officials were at the home on Landale Street six weeks ago when they found "fake" bomb-making materials.

"The last thing you'd expect are police coming and beating on your door," Frank Bachinsky said, an evacuated neighbor.

Police found a generator outside the home that appeared to be pumping carbon monoxide to the inside of the house.

The homeowner, apparently frustrated over a foreclosure, posted signs that read, "If you're here to take my house, I hope you said goodbye to your family this morning."

"I think it was more directed toward the sheriff's department who are doing the eviction process of being served," Lt. Bob Toledo said, from the LAPD.

He also had writing on his roof that led to a blog site in which a man claimed to have gone into financial trouble after fake bank accounts were opened in his name at a bank.

Police arrested the homeowner on suspicion of making criminal threats.

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