Neighbors Claim Fake Red Curbs Are Creating Parking Problems on Westlake Street

"Do-it-yourself" red curbs are popping up in a Westlake neighborhood and the fake parking restrictions are creating very real problems, neighbors say.

Resident Alex Candelaria told NBC4 he and his wife have been in contact with the city’s Bureau of Engineering, which told him they’re looking into it. But, Candelaria is pretty sure the sloppy, spray paint job is the work of an amateur.

"You can see some bleed-over on the painting, and it maybe could've used a piece of cardboard to make a pretty straight line. But it's a little messy," he said.

Another resident, Dawn Hollins, said the fake red lines forced her to park in the middle of the street.

"It’s unsafe," Hollins said.

Candelaria agrees. He says the street most definitely has a parking problem, but this is not the way to solve it.

He’s been petitioning the city for a "permit-only" zone in the neighborhood and says that the phony red curbs take away precious spaces that he believes drivers may now be ticketed for.

Candelaria claims some neighbors have already reported tickets being issued to cars parked in the bogus spaces.

Attempts to reach Councilman Mitch O’Farrell have been unsuccessful.

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