Nepal Relief Effort Kicks Up Across SoCal

At Operation USA, relief warehouse manager Tony Shannon is busy sorting through donated medical equipment to send to earthquake victims in Nepal.

Among the items to be shipped are vital sign monitors, medicine, hospital beds, and anesthesiology machines.

Medical supplies are needed in the wake of the 7.9 magnitude quake which has left buildings — including hospitals — in shambles in Kathmandu and surrounding villages.

But getting the supplies into Nepal is the biggest challenge.

"It’s a landlocked country — no shipping port — airports and roads damaged — in the middle of the Himalayas — mountains and dirt roads," Shannon said.

Santa Monica-based relief agency International Medical Corps is also sending help, organizing teams of doctors and nurses who are sending back photos online, but communication is severely limited.

Facebook announced Monday it will match up to $2 million in donations with all money going to International Medical Corp to help their teams on the ground in Nepal who are treating thousands of people injured in the quake.

"There might be a need to build field hospitals, tents and equipment, infrastructure there until they get back on their feet," said Jaya Vadlamudi, of the International Medical Corps.

Over the weekend three Pasadena firefighters and an elite team of 57 LA County firefighters left for Nepal to help in search and rescue operations.

Other local agencies including the Los Angeles Fire Department are on standby, ready to go if needed.

Operation USA needs medical supplies, generators, and water purification kits. They need corporate partners to step up and donate.

If individuals want to help — the best way is to donate money — so supplies like blankets and food can be bought in India — instead of having to shipped:

Nepal Earthquake Support

International Medical Corps

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