“Epic” Scavenger Hunt Hits Hermosa Beach

The suspense, for Saturday at least, is over.

People flocked to Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles County on Saturday morning after the person behind popular social media scavenger hunt @HiddenCash tweeted that 36 Angry Birds containers filled with money were hidden between the "pier and the volleyball nets."

"Please obey all laws and be kind to others while searching for @HiddenCash today," tweeted Los Angeles County Fire Department, Lifeguard Division after the announcement was made.

And it was largely just that way. Police said there were no major problems with the hundreds, if not thousands, of people from across Southern California who flocked to the sand. Some brought rakes and shovels with them to find buried treasure.

The cash hunters who were successful won anywhere between $40 to well over $100. Among them were children who were searching with their families.

“I was walking kind of halfheartedly and I kept going and I was like, ‘That feels like something.’ So I reached down and I was like ‘Oh, my gosh’ – I didn’t say ‘Oh, my gosh,’ I said something else,” said Amy Howard. “It was this red thing and I called the girls over, and now they have some cash.”

There's no need to worry if hunters didn't catch a prize at the beach, the person tweeted Saturday.

"More drops tomorrow, then bye bye LA," @HiddenCash said.

The excitement began late Friday when the person behind the scavenger hunt tweeted that an "epic" beach scavenger hunt was on its way.

"There will be no guesswork for the area, but then you need to find the birds WITHIN that area. 3. Be safe!" the person tweeted Saturday morning.

Scavenger hunters were told to bring the whole family out to “the beach” after photos were tweeted late Friday of plastic Angry Bird containers stuffed with cash.

“Getting ready for tomorrow's EPIC beach scavenger hunt. Pop open the bottom with ur nails. #angrybirdsstuffedwithca$h,” the person behind @HiddenCash tweeted.

Later, the person added: “Stuffing birds. Bring the choppers, bring your kids, bring your friends to the beach 2mrw. This will be FUN. 11 AM.”

Just before 11 a.m., the person tweeted that the location would be given out at 11:30 a.m. "due to traffic." 

A cryptic message sent at 8 a.m. had people guessing Mother's Beach in Marina Del Rey.

"Oh Oh. My Mommy found out that I am Mr. Hiddencash. I'm in big trouble now..."

Shortly after, @HiddenCash tweeted local media saying that the money would not be in Santa Monica or Venice.

A tweet sent out by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Saturday urged money seekers to be safe and considerate when searching for the hidden cash.

"It's no longer fun if people get hurt seeking @HiddenCash," the agency tweeted.

Crowds flocked to East Los Angeles Friday night in search of the money, climbing over bushes and up trees in Echo Park and Salazar Park. Envelopes were scattered around Pasadena and San Marino earlier Friday.

Willian Avila contributed to this report.

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